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When Perla Balli she heard the news that the T-Mobile call center where she worked in Brownsville, Texas, was about to close because T-Mobile was shipping 3,300 jobs from that location and from six other U.S. call centers overseas, she said: House and car payments, tuition for my oldest son’s college education and the expenses of caring for five children were the first things that came to my mind. No American worker should have to worry that their job will be taken from them unceremoniously and given to someone else. Read more >>>

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued a statement today proclaiming the federation's support for an executive order issued by President Obama protecting federal employees and employees of federal contractors against discrimination based on gender identity. Trumka said: Working people believe in equality and fairness. That’s why we are happy to stand with President Obama in supporting protections for workers who are discriminated against on the basis of gender identity. Read more >>>

Shedding Light on the Stars

On the set for Russell Crowe’s latest movie, “Noah,” Mario Pignard Jr. had the challenging task to create the impression of daylight in the middle of the night for an area larger than three football fields on Long Island. A highly specialized motion picture lighting technician, his skills were honed by other large projects, such as “The Dark Knight Rises,” starring Christian Bale, when he used nine to 12 generators to light lower Manhattan’s bridges and business district. Read the full article>>>

Story by John Mason

Member, National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981
Steward/Delegate, Local 696 AFSCME

One of the many groups active in the city for advocating the minimum wage is the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC). ROC played a key role in helping servers at Chickie and Pete’s in South Philadelphia fight back against wage theft. Two separate legal actions settled this year won back over $8 million in wages that had been illegally taken from the servers by the restaurant's management.

The AFL-CIO has announced its endorsement of the national boycott of Staples by the American Postal Workers Union. The boycott was initiated in response to Staples' opening of  "postal counters" -- essentially partial-service post-offices inside Staples stores, staffed by low-paid, non-union Staples employees instead of uniformed US Postal Service employees who earn good wages and benefits as members of the APWU.

Privatization is a major threat to the quality of services available to regular Americans. It also undermines our standard of living while enriching already-powerful corporations. At our June 11 Delegates Meeting, the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO adopted a resolution endorsing the national boycott of Staples. Click "read more" to see the full text of the resolution.

Tuesday, May 20th is the date of Pennsylvania's Primary Election, and also the date of a Special Election in Philadelphia for the at-large City Council seat vacated earlier this year by Bill Green.  Click below for the full list of AFL-CIO endorsements in the upcoming election! Read more >>>

Our former Political Director and Secretary-Treasurer Liz McElroy has already hit the ground running in her new position as Assistant Director of the National AFL-CIO Political Department. In her honor, Philadelphia AFL-CIO Recording Secretary Ken Washington and Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus Ted Kirsch are organizing a very special event: a Farewell and Best Wishes party for Liz, and a fundraiser for the Philadelphia AFL-CIO's Political Action Committee. Help us thank Liz for 8 tremendous years of tireless service, and help us build strength and solidarity for Philadelphia's working families by contributing to our PAC. Read more >>>

Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO - Campaign Manager (Full time, Salaried)

The Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO is one of the largest Central Labor Councils in the US, representing close to 150,000 unionized workers in Philadelphia, PA. The work of the Council is directed by a full time, elected President in consultation with an elected Executive Board representing a broad cross section of labor leaders in the region. The Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO is committed to strengthening the union movement by educating and motivating union members, supporting the right of workers to join unions, and creating a powerful political voice that speaks for workers.

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The Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO adopted the following resolution in support of labor harmony for concessions operations at the Philadelphia International Airport at the February 4, 2014 Executive Board meeting and the February 12, 2014 Delegates Meeting. Read more >>>

The newly elected members of the Executive Board of the Philadelphia AFL-CIO were sworn into office in a ceremony held in the Philadelphia Ballroom of the Sheridan Hotel, 16th and Vine streets, on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. Read more >>>

This week's Bulletin includes:

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On December 11, 2013, the Delegates of the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO recognized the following slate as the newly-elected Executive Board of the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO.  Congratulations to our brothers and sisters who've taken on this vital role in the leadership of the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO! Read more >>>

As thousands of Philadelphia area Walmart workers prepare for a busy Black Friday shopping season, the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO applauds Walmart workers and their families across the country who have been demonstrating for a fair wage and fair treatment from the world’s largest retailer. Read more >>>

Election Day is next week! Polls in Pennsylvania will be open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Philadelphia residents should click here to check the location of your polling-place. If you live elsewhere in Pennsylvania, check here.

The Philadelphia Unemployment Project has gathered a number of groups, including the Philadelphia AFL-CIO, to assemble and sponsor the 3rd installment of the Americans in Struggle Film Series.  Click the link below for the full schedule!

At the Wednesday, May 8, 2013 Delegates meeting, the Delegates of the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO voted unanimously to approve the following resolution supporting comprehensive immigration reform. Read more >>>

At the Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Delegates meeting, the Delegates of the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO voted unanimously to approve the following resolution calling for a moratorium on public school closings.

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